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What’s the buzz about Sixes

The Sixes format is still in it’s infancy, but at British Lacrosse we live and breathe Sixes. (more…)

Iona Dryden and Jamie Powell

Euro Sixes Cup : Player Blog

Iona Dryden and Jamie Powell offer us their insider day-by-day view on the EuroSixes tournament.

Join Us

We are in start-up mode so are now looking for three additional INEDs to boost our capabilities and impact. (more…)

Teams for The World Games 2022

British Lacrosse is delighted to announce the 24 men and women who will be representing Team GB at The World Games 2022 (more…)

Ukraine support

British Lacrosse is appalled at the ongoing situation in Ukraine. We fear for the safety of our friends in the Ukrainian lacrosse teams and their compatriots. (more…)

Clean Sweep at EuroLax Sixes

Our GB teams returned from the first edition of the EuroLax Sixes Cup in Portugal as finalists and winners.. (more…)

Eurolax Sixes Cup

British Lacrosse is sending 4 teams to compete in the inaugural Eurolax Sixes Cup.. (more…)

Joint Training Session

Our Men’s & Women’s squads trained together on 30 January 2022, breaking new ground for British Lacrosse. (more…)

Shop Our Merchandise

We are delighted that Pioneer Teamwear is now an on- and off-field apparel provider to British Lacrosse (more…)