What is Sixes?

Sixes is an even faster version of an already fast & exciting sport. The fitness and skills of the athletes and their split-second decisions are certainly put to the test in Sixes. Goalkeepers too have the opportunity to showcase their skills as a 30 second shot clock keeps them busy. 

Sixes might be considered to be a “smaller” version of field lacrosse:

  • the playing field is smaller – 70m v 36m
  • the teams are smaller – 6 players
  • the squads are smaller – 12 players
  • the playing time is shorter – 8 minute quarters
  • less time between shots – there is a 30 seconds shot clock
  • less stoppages

But it is also “mighty” and delivers

  • even higher scoring games
  • non-stop end to end action
  • fast-free flowing competitive lacrosse
  • players with incredible attacking & defensive skills
  • goalkeeping like you have never seen
  • a sport to keep you on the edge of your seat