Our Purpose, Focus & Values

Our Purpose
To enable Great Britain men’s and women’s lacrosse teams to excel.
Our Vision

To be one of the leading Sixes lacrosse nations in the world, inspiring more people to take up the sport.​

Our Mission
Empower the best players from England, Scotland and Wales to come together and proudly represent Great Britain. We are committed to excellence and working with the Home Nations to create a world class performance system, that makes representing GB the pinnacle of the sport for every player. ​
Our Values
  • Inclusive – Our strength lies in our differences, and we are committed to creating an environment where everyone belongs and thrives.​
  • Passionate – Fuelled by a love for the game, our dedication drives us to push our limits, support our colleagues & teammates, and represent GB with pride.​
  • Legacy – We represent a rich history, going back to 1908, and are committed to writing our own chapter which we can be proud of. ​
  • Excellence – We set the highest standards for ourselves and are committed to representing GB to the best of our ability and with integrity.​

British Lacrosse

British Lacrosse (BL) is a company limited by guarantee, owned equally by the lacrosse associations of England, Scotland and Wales.

The Executive Directors of British Lacrosse are appointed by their respective national governing body. They are Mark Coups, CEO of England Lacrosse, Mike Painter, Lacrosse Scotland and Lesley Lawrenson, member of Wales Lacrosse Executive Committee.

As the recognised national coordinating body for men’s and women’s elite lacrosse in Great Britain, British Lacrosse is governed by a Board of Directors that comprises the three Executive Directors and three Independent Non-Executive Directors, Leslie Rance, Matthew Swales and Charlie Wells.

British Lacrosse is responsible for the preparation, selection and performance of the men’s and women’s Great Britain lacrosse squads and officials, and for their participation in specific international tournaments.

British Lacrosse represents the interests of Great Britain lacrosse where appropriate and encourages and supports the promotion and advancement of the sport at home and abroad.

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