Eurolax Sixes Cup

British Lacrosse is sending 4 teams to compete in the inaugural Eurolax Sixes Cup..

The tournament runs from 25th to 27th February at Vila Real de Santo António Sports Complex, Algarve, Portugal.

This competition forms a key part in the preparation and selection process for both Coach Collier & Wenham as they look to select their final squads to compete in the World Games.

Follow the teams via the live stream. More information here.


Men’s Teams

Red Team

13 Elliott Hurry
25 Tobias Cleaver-Ross
11 Nicolas De Caprio
7 Ryan Hunns
2 Tommy Kirkland
6 Luke Mills
4 William Prescott
5 Alex Russell
15 Christian Scarpello
23 Ryan Sweetman



1 Hal Dwobeng
12 Thomas Bracegirdle
14 Lyndon Bunio
26 Zac Guy
3 Ben Page-Layock
8 Resham Panesar
10 Michael Pomfret
19 Jamie Powell
17 Tomos Rosser
9 Dan Watson

Women’s Teams

Red Team

1 Emily Gray
5 Liv Thomas
7 Hannah Grant
8 Chloe Chan
9 Laura Merrifield
17 Sophy Coombes-Roberts
18 Torz Anderson
19 Tilly Foster
20 Katie Greenwood
4 Res: Miranda Nicholes

Blue Team

2 Iona Dryden
6 Emma Oakley
10 Laura Warren
11 Liv Wimpenny
16 Claire Faram
21 Julie Wise
22 Tilly Shires
24 Anna Featherstone
25 Emilie Chandler
13 Res: Georgie Southern
15 Res: Chess Gray