New British Lacrosse Olympic Framework

British Lacrosse has today announced a major step forward in the sport’s Olympic journey.

Under a dynamic new framework crafted to bring our Olympic vision to realisation, developed collaboratively by British Lacrosse and the lacrosse home countries of England, Scotland, and Wales, England Lacrosse has been selected as the designated country for governance and performance. In Great Britain, England Lacrosse is the only Tier-3 governed home country, which is the highest level of governance on the UK Sport Code of Sports Governance. This code is put in place to ensure high governance standards because of the significant public investment made into sports. For performance, England Lacrosse is currently the highest seeded home country for men and women in the Field and Box formats.

Leveraging their strong position on both governance and performance, England Lacrosse, working together with the British Lacrosse Board, and British Lacrosse appointed coaches is tasked with delivering British Lacrosse Sixes teams to the highly anticipated LA 2028 Olympic Games.

Through home country collaboration, determination, and strategic planning, we aim to position British Lacrosse as a formidable contender for inclusion in the LA 2028 Olympic Games, further elevating the sport’s profile and inspiring future generations of players across Great Britain.

Outlined within the framework is a clear roadmap detailing how the home countries’ collective efforts will be harnessed to achieve our shared Olympic vision: securing podium success for GB Lacrosse Sixes teams at the LA 2028 Olympic Games. With two key objectives at its core, the framework is designed to provide British Lacrosse Sixes’ athletes with optimal support, gearing them towards Olympic success in 2028, while empowering our home countries to leverage the success of our teams as a springboard for lacrosse growth across Great Britain.

Les Rance, Chair of British Lacrosse, emphasised the athlete-centric nature of the framework, stating,

“Our focus is squarely on creating a culture and support infrastructure that enables our athletes to achieve peak performance levels – winning and winning well.”

In a historic collaboration, Mark Coups, CEO of England Lacrosse, will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer for British Lacrosse. Reflecting on this significant partnership, Coups remarked,

“As we continue to nurture collaboration, expansion, and advancement within the sport, the Olympic framework stands as a significant milestone in showcasing the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of our athletes on the global stage. Together, we are fully committed to providing our athletes with every opportunity for success, paving the way for future generations of players to follow in their footsteps.”